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Friday, December 28, 2012

Do You Want More?

Okay, all you Darkest Lie fans out there- I'm writing the second book, "The Sound at the Edge." It picks up approximately two weeks after the end of the first book. Now I'm willing to post the prologue of the second book on my website,, but I'm going to need something from you. If 100 of you will recommend my book to a friend and post about it here (the word "recommended" would suffice) I'll post the prologue. If I get 100 recommends AND 50 more reviews on the Amazon page, I'll post the prologue and the first chapter on my website. Cressa is in the prologue. And a deleted scene from Sanctum in book one has been added to chapter one of "The Sound at the Edge." :-)

Remember, the title of the first book came from the Shaerealm Mercenary Guard motto, "The darkest lie we're ever told is that we are alone." The title of the second book, "The Sound at the Edge," comes from current scientific study about the nature of the universe. Specifically, that we are detecting noise at the furthest edges. That's right; there is actually sound at the edge of our known universe, possibly arising from something beyond the event horizon. Could it really be music?

There will also be a return to more consistent blog posting beginning at the first of the year. Welcome to the end of this one!